A Window Into Real Infinity

Creating Great Monuments

When I was a child maybe ten
Or even a young unknowing eight,
I created great wonders taller
And more magnificent than any
That stand today and I spent
Many decades within a few seconds
Building these wonders of greatness!
In the blinking of an eye I made
The greatest Pyramid ever
Grander than anything ever conceived
Within any other mind and this
Was my thoughts as a child,
You can create these monuments
As well and be a great ruler,
A ruler not of flesh but of mind,
You can rebuild the Eiffel Tower
Just as I did in my youthful life,
You can build the very city of Paris
And change its design in your mind,
In your hands you can twist
The very foundations of every building!

Rome & Carthage

For that time of midnight lived
So crazed was I in battles many,
Thousands were under my command,
Even as a youth was I general,
Nations were shattered to pieces
And civilizations did crumble,
Yes in my childhood I was a commander
And leader of many peoples,
You may not believe that this was
But I am telling the total truth,
I lived many lives and experienced
A short of war in my days of youth,
I was Julies Caesar the first Emperor
Of all Rome and led legions to triumph,
The armies of Hannibal fell to my power
And I burnt Carthage to the ground,
This is what happened in my childhood,
But I rebuilt that burnt city
And created a greater place of power,
I was never stabbed in the back
Like the real Julies Caesar for I knew
Of the plans that were being made
And I destroyed those traitors that opposed
For I was emperor and supreme ruler,
But those years I spent in a few hours
Were gone and I went to another life,
I put myself in the role of General Hannibal,
Yes I lived the life of the man I killed
As the first emperor Caesar, ruler of Rome
And as Hannibal I took my soldiers,
Tens of thousands of spear man and archers
And hundreds of great hulking elephants
Adorned in iron plates ready for battle
Across the snow covered Alps in the hope
Of complete and total victory over Rome,
I planned my moves very well and thought
Of the best possible way to win every
Battle that may come to me and my warriors,
I planned to strike Rome itself
And try to break through the legions
That tried to block my way to that capitol
Of the Roman Republic and her riches,
I positioned my forces in perfection
And destroyed every Roman Legion
That was baring my way into that place,

I know that this is not what history
And the books in school may tell you,
But this was a history within my life,
This was truth in a youth

My Generation Is Gone Forever

My heart breaks in so many ways
Whenever I hear the cry of the
Hurting and murdered within my
Generation so many are lost for
All time and all eons shall cry,
My heart breaks as though a vice
Was surrounding and crushing it,
It feels as though a mountain has
Crumbled on top of my weak heart,
All feeling within me is sorrow.

My generation has been taken from me
By evil monsters within white coats,
The pain from my generation cries out
It cries out for justice and pure love,
All my brothers and sisters are lost,
My generation has been murdered cruelly
Because of the meekness of our souls,
The goodness that we could have brought
To this world of war was imprisoned,
The voice of my generation was destroyed.

My soul mourns for my lost generation
Only corruption and greed was the cause,
Hundreds of millions of lives were erased
For deceptive liberty and political gain,
The screams of my generation are in me,
My soul fights for those who are to come
For my generation is strong, it shall arise,
It will arise from the ashes of uncaring
And unloving hearts for my generation cares,
It cares for those lost and those to come.

The pain within me begs for common reason
Like the innocence of youthful liberties,
Please let my heart heal within goodness
Like a fresh expressively regale spring,
My generation begged for mercy in the womb,
All those years passed without clear kindness
A wall of selfishness took away breath,
All those feelings of loneliness are real
For the hearts of many were thrown away,
The strength of love was not heard at all.

What am I to do in this age of darkness
So strong and overwhelming against the pure,
The path to all love seems locked by the
Armies of hate so armed to the point of hate,
What is my past generation to do in death,
The obscurity of my voice seems so overcoming
For my soul very weak in all complete sadness,
What is this day going to come to in pain
For the strength of my generation was hidden,
Shall this past age ever be justified in love?

Will this continuing eon of all extermination
Ever be explained in the any future age,
Shall the pain ever stop for the speechless
In small unseen abodes of wonderful life,
Shall the voiceless ever have a choice of love,
All the earth seems to believe in a lie of
Death and fallen dreams completely opposite
Of the all consuming fever that is infinite love,
The lands from my home to across the seas
Seem to applaud the death, when will this end?

The salt from the eyes of the loving unseen
Drop upon my cracking hands broken from the
Drying tears of those who are taken from this
World before they even have a chance to breath
The fresh air Of a brilliant spring morning!

The Power of Women

Women are the expression of mercy
And possess the keys of pureness,
Women are the leaders of humanity
And guard all doors leading to virtue,
Women are the titans of freedom
And bring fourth bowls of avid liberty,
Women are the commanders of justice
And demand truth to be given everywhere,
Women are the soldiers of kindness
And will forever be defenders for peace.

All women have a gift for caring
And will forever be the heroes of Eden,
All women have unlimited souls
That give the world hope for future,
All women have titanically massive
Hearts for affection so needed,
All women have homes of fired mercy
For the meek and the hurting alike,
All women have ships of powerful grace
Within their souls so warmly pure.

Every woman has the ability to lead
Far greater than any selfish man,
Every woman has overwhelming strength
Greater than any evil in suffering,
Every woman has magnificent emotions
More avid and wonderful than the seas,
Every woman has the eye to see all
Needing within any land of broken Eden,
Every woman has the oar of all golden
Affection and every feelings expression.

The path to mercy can be seen through the
Hearts of women so kind and unbaneful,
The path to kindness can be heard through
Merciful lips of woman so caring forever,
The path to peace can be seen through the
Eyes of women

Never Meant To Follow

Through life all is not as it seems,
We are not and were never meant,
To follow any one leader or hero,
For we are the true leaders of nation,
The path to liberty is never born
Within the hands of a president or
Leader of political thought, the
Way to the tree of endless freedom
Is through the eyes of children,
Pure true children of most lost Eden,
We must realize the path to a true
Democracy is not through the bowls
Of unlimited corruption or the
Overflowing cups of mongering power,
For the path is within our hearts
Not the ego's of tyrannical maniacs,
The truth of the rose will return
To us in the future but the road ahead
Is steep and damaged beyond recognition,
For we have lost the fruits of love,
We have lost the endless affection
That was more avid then words can tell,
We have lost the rose of holding within
This dark empire of cash and coin,
We must leave the leading to the loving,
We must demand the truth to prevail,
We have the power, we have the truth,
Yes the truth is within our hearts and
Hands of flying justice forevermore,
Yes we can find that rose of all freedom,
That flower of all caring, that red
Bloom of expressive democracy is in reach.

Toy Soldiers

I was one of many pretending;
Pretending to be warriors or
Possibly just fighters, the
Playing was of course silly,
We weren't true soldiers and
Many acted as though they were
Superior, but it was of course
Only for a moment in my life;
Some seemed afraid of failure
In that place of pretend wars;
Others were of course knowing
Of the pretending and yelled;
For those very few short days
Mind raced with military chants;
Dozens felt attacked in body
In that place very learning;
Everyone was pretending to be
Leaders, of which none were;
All day we stood synchronized,
Trying to march as one body;
We made many repeated mistakes
Together and in our own minds;
In those pretending days long,
We ran and jumped, we saluted
And thought most thoroughly;
Every minute we vaulted our
Bodies onto the asphalt ground;
The pretending seemed to go on
Night and day it didn't matter;
I made many silly errors daily
Not understanding the expected;
We were of course pretending
On fields of colored smoke;
We flung ourselves off towers,
Towers of wood most tall indeed;
Our lives were in strong hands
But also in each others fully;
I would fly as fast as I could,
Down those ropes made around me;
During those summer days extended
We did make short hectic combat;
Combat that was not thought out,
We made so many painted deaths,
In expansive woods lost at times;
All those summer days pretended
So very enormously in actions;
For a few minutes a toy soldier
Very confused and lost in thought;

Angels Did Rescue

So many years ago when but a youth;
I felt very horribly hopeless; sadly
Mostly cried so very completely; in
Despair I stayed; in dismal situation
Eventually gone was stuck at time;
As a dreamer I was broken in emotion
Endlessly in a spiral of chaotic tears;
Justice seemed gone from childish mind
In that tossed heart of hurting; my
Hopes were systematically crushed into
Nothing but fanciful thoughts deceased;
Dreading each coming day was rampant,
During that small jaunt of boyish memory;
Possessing a joyous disposition was not
Even an option in that hated situation
So very horrendously vaulted on family;
Titanically posed cruelties were sent
Upon so very many children I loved like
True brothers and sisters very fully;
Innocently naive mind didn't understand
Of evils that could be perpetrated against
Spotlessly unhating virtuous young people;
Callused my heart did become once I knew
Those disgusting horrible revelations, of
Forced nakedness and perverted fondling;
Caring had assuredly been alienated from
Those who had suffered so much; before
Even a half my current age these events
Did occur on children's youthful lives so
Completely shattered in glassy cries;
Taken from me were my beliefs in human
Civility; mean nasty unloving predators
Made sure that I was hurting from those
Fellow siblings most ultimately taken to
The dark places of suffering unforeseen;
Almost every story a deeper pain to hear
Within my ears so very shuttering from
Unknown hidden enemies of valiant children;
In that time that I furiously hated evil
Unexpected rescuers did bring many gifts;
They were not earthly or baneful at all;
Both seemed to stand on air with ease;
Fallen were not so very heavenly indeed;
Golden flowing hair they adorned with
Almost regale ability through wall I could
See; many whispers of kindness said to me;
Reassurances of goodness were proclaimed
To my confused mind seemingly lost to hate;
I eagerly accepted their endless warmth
So very graciously in night so timely woven;
White fluffy feathers were so mesmerizing
On those motionless royal wings very adored;
Shining faces smiled in caring concern truly
Thinking of my happiness being fully realized;
Very beautifully blue eyes looked at me with
Avid attention most wanted in twilight dusk;
Those arms stretched out to me in most loving
Protection brought to my breaking soul long ago;
Tender fingers clasped shaking hands giving
A wonderfully eternal feeling within heart;
Sweetly sounding voice gave me many messages
Of lovely understanding so given in mourning;
Deep yet elegantly toned notes sent proclamations
For a hurting youth such as me in epoch gone;
Every expression they made was very wonderful
Within my sight seemed so dazzling; in unhindered
Emotion felt every single mountainous affection;
Those sensitive angels of compassionate infinity
Gave me my hopes and dreams again for future!

Room of Childhood

That room I lived;
In bed I dreamed;
On shelves books so
Very surely plenty;
Through days spent
Completely thinking;
One lizard and one
Hamster did perish
In that tiny abode
So minuscule shutting;
Missed they were in
Many boring years!
That small room held
Massive and epically
Staged crusades and
Conflicts so hidden
And secret from world!
Endless racing cars
Did scurry; three dozen
Seemed doomed to faller
And only two finished
In glorious victory; the
Others were eaten by
Dinosaurs and monsters
Most assuredly ferocious;
There titanic snakes did
Joyfully crush untold
Numbers of victims;
Those plastic reptiles
Made plotted slithers
And clashed with kings
Of brown carpet kingdoms!
Miniature soldiers of
Green and gray nations,
Plentifully made combat
On so very tiny mountains
And fantastically issued
Orders to destroy enemy;
In fake bunkers stayed;
From time to time sent
Invisible bullets to air;
Trying, hoping to bring
Down seemingly invincible
Silently flying jets so
Stealthy and sometimes very
Bulky; destructive were
Those few molded planes;
In bulb lit sky flew and
Maneuvered from fingers
So very small indeed; bugs
Were seemingly housed in
Clothes and toys mostly
Scattered upon dirty floor;
I made short campaigns of
Thorough and extremely
Hectic assassinations; the
Tiny devils weren't much
Opposition even to a weak
Boy such as me; mainly hand
Used in the eradication!
Square blocks made towers
And curved beams made flight;
Every spire so randomly
Placed on created blue sea;
Cities I could hold within
My eager little palms so
Very crazily tired always!
Education was very classic
And text seemed infinite;
Every lesson was studied
On bed and floor the same!
Those absolute freedoms I was
Allowed to experience in
That place of childhood now
Completely lost from me;
In that place of youthful
Learning and understanding
So very chiseled in mind!