My Generation Is Gone Forever

My heart breaks in so many ways
Whenever I hear the cry of the
Hurting and murdered within my
Generation so many are lost for
All time and all eons shall cry,
My heart breaks as though a vice
Was surrounding and crushing it,
It feels as though a mountain has
Crumbled on top of my weak heart,
All feeling within me is sorrow.

My generation has been taken from me
By evil monsters within white coats,
The pain from my generation cries out
It cries out for justice and pure love,
All my brothers and sisters are lost,
My generation has been murdered cruelly
Because of the meekness of our souls,
The goodness that we could have brought
To this world of war was imprisoned,
The voice of my generation was destroyed.

My soul mourns for my lost generation
Only corruption and greed was the cause,
Hundreds of millions of lives were erased
For deceptive liberty and political gain,
The screams of my generation are in me,
My soul fights for those who are to come
For my generation is strong, it shall arise,
It will arise from the ashes of uncaring
And unloving hearts for my generation cares,
It cares for those lost and those to come.

The pain within me begs for common reason
Like the innocence of youthful liberties,
Please let my heart heal within goodness
Like a fresh expressively regale spring,
My generation begged for mercy in the womb,
All those years passed without clear kindness
A wall of selfishness took away breath,
All those feelings of loneliness are real
For the hearts of many were thrown away,
The strength of love was not heard at all.

What am I to do in this age of darkness
So strong and overwhelming against the pure,
The path to all love seems locked by the
Armies of hate so armed to the point of hate,
What is my past generation to do in death,
The obscurity of my voice seems so overcoming
For my soul very weak in all complete sadness,
What is this day going to come to in pain
For the strength of my generation was hidden,
Shall this past age ever be justified in love?

Will this continuing eon of all extermination
Ever be explained in the any future age,
Shall the pain ever stop for the speechless
In small unseen abodes of wonderful life,
Shall the voiceless ever have a choice of love,
All the earth seems to believe in a lie of
Death and fallen dreams completely opposite
Of the all consuming fever that is infinite love,
The lands from my home to across the seas
Seem to applaud the death, when will this end?

The salt from the eyes of the loving unseen
Drop upon my cracking hands broken from the
Drying tears of those who are taken from this
World before they even have a chance to breath
The fresh air Of a brilliant spring morning!

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