Angels Did Rescue

So many years ago when but a youth;
I felt very horribly hopeless; sadly
Mostly cried so very completely; in
Despair I stayed; in dismal situation
Eventually gone was stuck at time;
As a dreamer I was broken in emotion
Endlessly in a spiral of chaotic tears;
Justice seemed gone from childish mind
In that tossed heart of hurting; my
Hopes were systematically crushed into
Nothing but fanciful thoughts deceased;
Dreading each coming day was rampant,
During that small jaunt of boyish memory;
Possessing a joyous disposition was not
Even an option in that hated situation
So very horrendously vaulted on family;
Titanically posed cruelties were sent
Upon so very many children I loved like
True brothers and sisters very fully;
Innocently naive mind didn't understand
Of evils that could be perpetrated against
Spotlessly unhating virtuous young people;
Callused my heart did become once I knew
Those disgusting horrible revelations, of
Forced nakedness and perverted fondling;
Caring had assuredly been alienated from
Those who had suffered so much; before
Even a half my current age these events
Did occur on children's youthful lives so
Completely shattered in glassy cries;
Taken from me were my beliefs in human
Civility; mean nasty unloving predators
Made sure that I was hurting from those
Fellow siblings most ultimately taken to
The dark places of suffering unforeseen;
Almost every story a deeper pain to hear
Within my ears so very shuttering from
Unknown hidden enemies of valiant children;
In that time that I furiously hated evil
Unexpected rescuers did bring many gifts;
They were not earthly or baneful at all;
Both seemed to stand on air with ease;
Fallen were not so very heavenly indeed;
Golden flowing hair they adorned with
Almost regale ability through wall I could
See; many whispers of kindness said to me;
Reassurances of goodness were proclaimed
To my confused mind seemingly lost to hate;
I eagerly accepted their endless warmth
So very graciously in night so timely woven;
White fluffy feathers were so mesmerizing
On those motionless royal wings very adored;
Shining faces smiled in caring concern truly
Thinking of my happiness being fully realized;
Very beautifully blue eyes looked at me with
Avid attention most wanted in twilight dusk;
Those arms stretched out to me in most loving
Protection brought to my breaking soul long ago;
Tender fingers clasped shaking hands giving
A wonderfully eternal feeling within heart;
Sweetly sounding voice gave me many messages
Of lovely understanding so given in mourning;
Deep yet elegantly toned notes sent proclamations
For a hurting youth such as me in epoch gone;
Every expression they made was very wonderful
Within my sight seemed so dazzling; in unhindered
Emotion felt every single mountainous affection;
Those sensitive angels of compassionate infinity
Gave me my hopes and dreams again for future!


  1. This was straight from the heart, really touched me...I have no least the last lines give solace..

  2. very sad words...may you find comfort

  3. Really nice to meet you.
    Thank you! For leaving such a nice comment on my post!
    I´m so glad you found me. Glad to have you as a follower!

    Really find your blog(s) interesting. You are a wonderful writer! Your words in this post, are so sad and "heavy".
    Thank you for sharing your feelings and thoughts!

    Hope to see you again!

    Luiza @ feelings.

  4. Quite a deep one but good to see positivism at the end !!

  5. Dreams burn at the touch of hell
    Yet angels sing in the last hope
    I've known both in now faded fear
    In twilight death I caught God's tears

  6. Thanks everyone for your comments it's truly appreciated, and thanks Robert for expressing some of your feeling on the matter they were very powerful.

  7. Awesome poem, and are they still there with you?

  8. This poem is really deep. :)
    And it obviously came from the poet's heart. :)