The Power of Women

Women are the expression of mercy
And possess the keys of pureness,
Women are the leaders of humanity
And guard all doors leading to virtue,
Women are the titans of freedom
And bring fourth bowls of avid liberty,
Women are the commanders of justice
And demand truth to be given everywhere,
Women are the soldiers of kindness
And will forever be defenders for peace.

All women have a gift for caring
And will forever be the heroes of Eden,
All women have unlimited souls
That give the world hope for future,
All women have titanically massive
Hearts for affection so needed,
All women have homes of fired mercy
For the meek and the hurting alike,
All women have ships of powerful grace
Within their souls so warmly pure.

Every woman has the ability to lead
Far greater than any selfish man,
Every woman has overwhelming strength
Greater than any evil in suffering,
Every woman has magnificent emotions
More avid and wonderful than the seas,
Every woman has the eye to see all
Needing within any land of broken Eden,
Every woman has the oar of all golden
Affection and every feelings expression.

The path to mercy can be seen through the
Hearts of women so kind and unbaneful,
The path to kindness can be heard through
Merciful lips of woman so caring forever,
The path to peace can be seen through the
Eyes of women

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