United Souls of Love

Those United Souls of Love!
So true to love,
And understanding;
So opened to mercy,
And peace complete;
So lifted on clouds,
And angels wings;
So eternal in tears,
And rain made clear!
Those United Souls of Love!
So honored in light,
And sun does shine;
So painless felt,
And caring total;
So golden relationships,
And diamond words said;
So needed feelings,
And beautiful hearts!
Those United Souls of Love!
So bountiful thoughts,
And intelligent minds;
So infinity joyous,
And eternally grateful;
So brightly held,
And seeked in dreams;
So virtuous complete,
And in kindness furious!
Those United Souls of Love!
So seen from youth,
And old just alike;
So untold in paper,
And book the same;
So hated by devils,
And darkness both;
So needed in life,
And world everywhere!
Those United Souls of Love!
So feverish in action,
And coldness not;
So affectionate always,
And receiving sadness;
So opened in wanting,
And vanity not found;
So independently royal,
And feared are not!
Those United Souls of Love!


  1. Hi
    Nice to meet you and thank you for following it's always a pleasure meeting fellow artist!
    Wow you have like a ton of blogs and yes I visited all of them! I liked your poetry on your other blog but I really enjoyed this one and the previous posted poem a lot! So here is where I comment!!! I will follow on the other blog! I hope that when you visit you leave a comment to let me know that you were there even if it's just to say hi!!

  2. It is a great pleasure like wise and I will try to continue and keep up with your blog. I do truly appreciate that you like my poetry!

  3. I am truly grateful for the kind compliment!