Books of Youth

O' Those books of youth!
So fantastically,
And amazingly written;
Through mountains,
And rivers traveled;
Wizards did battle,
And knights slayed;
Castles were everywhere,
And spires numerous;
Ice witches made,
And destroyed armies!
O' Those books of youth!
So memorable in mind,
And spirit did build;
Strange creatures roamed,
And centaurs did charge;
Filled with treasures,
And unspeakable awards;
Every page more exciting,
And epically staged;
All words made dreams,
And created memories past!
O' Those books of youth
So timeless throughout,
And memorable complete;
Titanic in scope; empires,
And kingdoms make conflict;
Blue seas complete on the,
Drifts and waves of dreams;
Lions and fanciful colored.
Beings exist; every day,
I opened that world of paper!


  1. this is very inspiring. They should put this in textbooks to inspire people to actually read the books.Often our educational system lacks this first breath of inspiration

  2. I truly appreciate it! I've noticed that too; It just seems like most youth today would rather play XBOX or PlAYSTATION then read a good book. I had my computer and TV addictions when I was younger but I never let it get in the way of reading. I loved the Cronicles of Narnia and the Lord of the Rings when I was younger and couldn't stop reading King Authur and Ivanhoe I probably read those books a couple of dozen times each. The two latter books were youth versions of course but the meanings were still there. I read Ivanhoe later on in its full version and it seemed the same.

  3. wonderfully expressed, you are truly very talented!

  4. I am very grateful for your compliment It really means so much to a wannabe poet like myself.

  5. I love this. My dad read the Chronicles of Narnia to me tons of times when I was a kid. It reminds me of that.

  6. Another inspiring poem. You're definitely gifted! You got me hooked!!

  7. Thanks Catie for telling me I'm glad to hear that what I was trying to potray in words actually came out right.

  8. Betty I couldn't be more grateful for your kind comment. It really means a lot and I'm so glad you liked it.

  9. u have a good mind for poetry.try 2 come out of your shell wid it as much as possible.explore wid a creative mind and go to a place u have never been b4 wid it.

  10. I am truly grateful for your compliments and I will defanately try too be more creative.

  11. I like it, its very affecting and inspiring. My advice would be to try and expand the poetry and perhaps develop more complex metrical variety. Good poem though, I enjoyed reading it :)

  12. Good poem!

    Towards a Philosophy of Sex.

    For my own poetry, se


    - Peter Ingestad, Sweden

  13. I truly appreciate the compliments and I'll try to expand my poetry in the future. It just seems to take up so much time and when it's just a short of hobby some others things seem to take priority but I will try in the future. I am grateful for the advice and hope to hear more in the future!

    Most Gratefully,
    Grant Guda
    The Wannabe Poet

  14. This is my favorite of what you've posted. It speaks to me because I've always loved reading. But I think it's concise and intriguing enough to perhaps inspire interest in one who does not read too.

  15. Thanks so much it means a lot. I hope it could do that it would be awesome!

  16. Talented.....

    Liked it.


  17. Thanks for the follow :) I liked your poem - anything that celebrates books and reading resonates pretty strongly with me :) A few friends and were actually discussing recently that reading seems to be on the rise with children. With the Harry Potter, Twilight, Percy Jackson series, and others like them, YA novels at least have never been more popular. And now with so many books being available on the mobile devices kids are attached to (though I will always prefer the "real" paper version) :) perhaps the numbers will continue to rise. I find it encouraging, at least.

  18. It was an honor to follow your blog I hope to continue to read it in the future and I truly appreciate the kindness. It is good that those book series are popular any reading is better then none. I haven't read any of them yet though. A ton of people have told me too but I just haven't yet. I've always prefered real books too. I really don't like to read on computers or mobile devices. Yeah all we can do is hope that reading in general continues to grow thanks again for following my blog!

  19. I'm glad for your interest in my blog and thank you for joining my gang of writers, designers, and artists. I'll be happy to follow your poetry and support it with comments.

  20. I remember those days!!!...this one is good! Thanx for the support

  21. This is poetry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Expressed in perfect detail.