Presidents of Past and Present


O' you were a great figure,
A figure of freedom and eagle,
You gave us hope for future,
And life in a united republic;
Made the redcoats run in fear,
You did from thundering hills,
Came in destiny made a new,
Nation birth through fates!


Made the nation stronger did;
Government meant all to thee;
All federals were allies all;
Even friends made enemies most;
Seeked peace and prosperity;
One who signed that freedom;
Father of president were indeed;
Among first leaders thee were;


Believed in all freedoms did;
No matter the beginning you,
Wrote those words for millions,
To cherish for centuries;
On words made true liberty;
From sea to sea believed;
Peace wanted and truly seeked;
He hunted the truth for free!


Amended that great document you did;
Made great leaps for federalism;
Seeked out

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