Legend of Amazons

Those Strong Women!

O’ hear them scream; warriors,
And soldiers of old; trustworthy,
And honorable were they; heroes,
Of mercy they were indeed!

Those Mighty Women!

O' see them charge; skillful,
And mighty legs do thunder; open,
And closed eyes to the battle; fighters,
Of all goodness was their creed!

Those Wonderful Women!

O' feel them breath; warm,
And caring mouth does find; rose,
And ruby cheeks they have; faith,
Of love they did hold!

Those Fantastic Women!

O' hear them sing; unmeasured,
And committed their tongues; teeth,
And ear would resonate; woman,
Of music they would be!

Those Great Women!

O' see them think; wonderful,
And brilliant heads do ponder; massive,
And intense do they dream; belief,
Of learning was in strength!

Those Unbeatable Women!

O' feel their touch; passion,
And affection do live within; hand,
And finger does take hold; closeness,
Was their very souls!

Those Shining Women!

O' hear their joy; momentous,
And strong feelings fly; heart,
And emotion become as one; gladness,
Was as their song!

Those Glorious Women!

O' see their pride; infinite,
And wide became as time; youth,
And aged were just alike; triumph,
In what was gone and said!

Those Heavenly Women!

O' feel their pain; destiny,
And fate are no comfort; past,
And present are both similar; conflicts,
On broken shores most extreme!

Those Golden Women!

O' hear their cries; hurting,
And grief eyes do sit; salt,
And tears do fall; bones,
Most weak would break!

Those Infinite Women!

O' see their world; exquisite,
And ripe as a fresh grape; preserve,
And keep their haven did; angels,
Would envy that hidden place!

Those Colorful Women!

O' feel their rage; whispers,
And torrents stronger; hate,
And somber dislike for lies; deceit,
They would fight eternally!

Those Thinking Women!

O' hear their prophecies; children,
And men understand what's said; strength,
And power for the meek; survived,
In time it will be!

Those Ultimate Women!

O' see their beauty; delicate,
And sturdy as the orchid; gold,
And emeralds were as their face; vanity,
Was not their way!

Those Timeless Women!

O' feel their resolve; success,
And arrow swift they be; time,
And hour have no command; paradise,
Most learned in eclipse!


  1. very nice tribute, as strong and bold as a marble sculpture

  2. Thank you very much it means a lot. I tried to do the best that I could.

  3. Powerful - I can see them as I read.

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  5. Such wonderful words and sentiments. There are so many misogynistically twisted attitudes in societies spread across this planet. It is nice to see words in praise of women, without whom the art of creation ceases to exist in the entire universe! You would think it would be a no brainer – men can be so insecure and stupid.

    Your lovely words slightly remind me (tangentially at least – perhaps a reflection of my emotional mood this afternoon) of a Soviet poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko's "In the Store" (forms the third movement of Shostakovich’s powerhouse 13th symphony). Everything about this: the words and the music stirs my soul to the depths that lie beyond the grasp on my one consciousness.
    III. In the Store
    Some with shawls, some with scarves,
    as though to some heroic enterprise or to work,
    into the store one by one
    the women silently come.
    Oh, the rattling of their cans,
    the clanking of bottles and pans!
    There's a smell of onions, cucumbers,
    a smell of “Kabul” sauce.
    I'm shivering as I queue up for the cash desk,
    but as I inch forward towards it,
    from the breath of so many women
    a warmth spreads round the store.

    They wait quietly,
    their families' guardian angels,
    and they grasp in their hands
    their hard-earned money.
    They wait quietly
    their families' guardian angels,
    and they grasp in their hands
    their hard-earned money.

    These are the women of Russia.
    They honor us and they judge us.
    They have mixed concrete,
    and ploughed, and harvested …
    They have endured everything,
    they will continue to endure everything.

    They have endured everything,
    they will continue to endure everything.

    Nothing in the world is beyond them —
    they have been granted such strength!
    It is shameful to short-change them!
    It is sinful to short-weight them!

    As I shove dumplings into my pocket,
    I sternly and quietly observe
    their pious hands
    weary from carrying their shopping bags.